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Team Member: Tobias Weber

Email adolph _at_
Phone +49-89-35831-8740
Fax n.a.
Address Tobias Weber
Leibniz-Rechenzentrum München
Boltzmannstr. 1
D-85748 Garching
Room E.1.028

Student Work

Current Offers:
Diploma/Masters Thesis:FoPra / SEP / Bachelors Thesis:
Work in Progress:
Diploma/Masters Thesis:FoPra / SEP / Bachelors Thesis:
Work Completed:
  • Pamp, Q., Evaluating the use of Docker containers for Environmental Simulations, Bachelorarbeit, Ludwig–Maximilians–Universität München, August, 2018.


  • Tavares de Sousa, N., Hasselbring, W., Weber, T., Kranzlmüller, D., Designing a Generic Research Data Infrastructure Architecture with Continuous Software Engineering, In Software Engineering Workshops 2018, 2018, 85––88, Vol–2066, CEUR–, März, 2018. [bibfile]
  • Hachinger, S., Nguyen, H., Weber, T., Weismüller, J., Addressing knowledge and know–how biases in the environmental sciences with modern data and compute services, In EnviroInfo 2017 — Adjunct proceedings of the 31st EnviroInfo conference, 2017, 155 —– 162, Shaker Verlag, August, 2017.
  • Biardzki, C., Bode, A., Borst, T., Bungartz, H.–J., Busch, A., Frank, A., Grimm, C., Grunzke, R., Hasselbring, W., Kazakova, A., Latif, A., Limani, F., Müller–Pfefferkorn, R., Nagel, W., Neumann, M., Tavares de Sousa, N., Tendel, J., Thomsen, I., Tochtermann, K., Weber, T., Challenges in Creating a Sustainable Generic Research Data Infrastructure, In 4th Collaborative Workshop on Evolution and Maintenance of Long–Living Software Systems (EMLS 17), 2017(37/2), 60–77, Softwaretechnik Trends, Februar, 2017.