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Team Member: Dr. Michael Brenner

Phone +49 89 35831-8836
Fax +49 89 35831-9700
Address Dr. Michael Brenner
Leibniz-Rechenzentrum München
Boltzmannstr. 1
D-85748 Garching
Room I.2.078


  • Standards and frameworks IT Service Management - e.g. FitSM, ITIL, eTOM, MOF, COBIT, ISO/IEC 20000 (also known as «ISO 20000» or «ISO20K»)
  • Information Security Management, ISO/IEC 27000 standards
  • ITSM tools, and using new technologies for ITSM purposes, e.g. for management tool integration, orchestration of processes etc.

Other online profiles


Professional activities


  • Manager's Certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL V2 Service Manager)
  • ITIL Expert (ITIL V3)
  • Consultant/Manager Certificate in ITSM according to ISO/IEC 20000

Accredited trainer for ITSM-related courses

  • FitSM - Standards for lightweight IT service management see FitSM trainings
    • FitSM foundation training
    • Advanced training in service planning and delivery (SPD)
    • Advanced training in service operation and control (SOC)
    • Expert training in IT service management

  • IT Service Management according to ISO/IEC 20000
    • ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation
    • ISO/IEC 20000 Professional
      • Management and Improvement of ITSM processes
      • Support of IT Services
      • Alignment of IT and the Business
      • Control of IT Services
      • Delivery of IT Services
      • Associate in ITSM
    • Consultant/Manager in ITSM
    • Internal Auditor in ITSM
  • IT Service Management based on ITIL V2
    (courses no longer offered)
    • IT Service Management Foundation
    • IT Service Management Practitioner
      • Release & Control
      • Support & Restore
      • Agree & Define
      • Plan & Improve
    • IT Service Management Service Support and Service Delivery
  • IT Service Management based on ITIL V3 / 2011
    • ITIL Foundation, ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge
    • Intermediate Lifecycle Stream
      • Service Strategy
      • Service Design
      • Service Transition
      • Service Operation
      • Continual Service Improvement
    • Intermediate Capability Stream
      • Service Offerings and Agreements
      • Planing, Protection and Optimization
      • Release, Control and Validation
      • Operational Support and Analysis
    • Managing Across the LifeCycle
    • ITIL V3 Managers Bridge
  • Microsoft Operations Framework
    (courses no longer offered)
    • MOF Essentials MOC 1737
    • MOF Changing Quadrant MOC 1787
  • Committee memberships etc.

    • Work Group FitSM at Itemo
    • Committee for the IT Certification of Persons as per ISO/IEC 20000 by TÜV Süd Examination Institute/li>
    • Co-Chair of the RDA Service Management Interest Group
    • Program Committee for HP-SUA Workshop, 2007, 2008
    • Technical Program Committee for BDIM Workshop 2008, 2009, 2010
    • Workshop Co-Chair for BDIM Workshop 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    • BDIM 2011 BDIM 2012 BDIM 2013 BDIM 2014 BDIM 2015 – Workshop on Advanced IT Service Management


  • Service Management in Federated e-Infrastructures (FedSM)
  • Selected talks and other stuff

    Student Work

    Work in Progress:
    Diploma/Masters Thesis:FoPra / SEP / Bachelors Thesis:
    Work Completed:


    • Brenner, M., Gillmeister, M., CMDB Patterns, In 9th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Business–driven IT Management (BDIM 2014), 2014, IEEE/IFIP, Mai, 2014.
    • Brenner, M., Schaaf, T., Tortonesi, M., Business–Driven IT Management Coming of Age – A Report on the 7th IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Business–Driven IT Management (BDIM 2012), Journal of Network and Systems Management, 2013(21), 326–333, Springer, New York, USA, Juni, 2013.
    • Brenner, M., Hommel, W., Metzger, S., Reiser, H., Schaaf, T., gentschen Felde, N., Praxisbuch ISO/IEC 27001 —– Management der Informationssicherheit und Vorbereitung auf die Zertifizierung, 2011, Carl Hanser Verlag, München, Oktober, 2011.
    • Knittl, S., Brenner, M., Towards a Configuration Management System for Hybrid Cloud Deployments, In 6th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Business–driven IT Management (BDIM 2011) , 2011, Juni, 2011.
    • Brenner, M., Knittl, S., Richter, C., Gillmeister, M., Replace or Integrate? — Decision Support for Building a Federated Configuration Management Database, In 16th International Conference of European University Information Systems (EUNIS 2010), 2010, Warschau, Polen, Juni, 2010.
    • Brenner, M., Hegering, H.–G., Reiser, H., Richter, C., Schaaf, T., Introducing process–oriented IT Service Management at an Academic Computing Center: An Interim Report, In Making Management Scalable, Robust, Cost–Effective and Revenue–Generating (Proceedings of the 11th IFIP/IEEE Symposium of Integrated Network Management), 2009, IFIP/IEEE, New York, USA, Juni, 2009.
    • Brenner, M., Schaaf, T., Scherer, A., An Information Model for IT Service Management processes, In Making Management Scalable, Robust, Cost–Effective and Revenue–Generating (Proceedings of the 11th IFIP/IEEE Symposium of Integrated Network Management), 2009, New York, USA, Juni, 2009.
    • Brenner, M., Reiser, H., Richter, C., Requirements Engineering für die Werkzeugauswahl zur Unterstützung von ISO/IEC 20000, In Informatik 2008 — Beherrschbare Systeme dank Informatik, 2008, 841–846, Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI 134), Gesellschaft für Informatik, München, Deutschland, September, 2008.
    • Brenner, M., Schaaf, T., On Tool Support for Service Level Management: From Requirements to System Specifications, In Proceedings of 3rd IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Business–driven IT Management, 2008, Salvador, Brasilien, April, 2008.
    • Brenner, M., Dreo Rodosek, G., Hanemann, A., Hegering, H.–G., König, R., Handbook of Network and System Administration, Service Provisioning: Challenges, Process Alignment and Tool Support, 855–904, Elsevier, November, 2007.
    • Brenner, M., Knittl, S., Schmelz, K., Building Blocks for Release Management Unification in Large–Scale Environments, In Proceedings of the 14th Annual Workshop of HP Software University Association, 2007, 295–300, Infonomics–Consulting, Stuttgart, Germany, Juli, 2007.
    • Brenner, M., Werkzeugunterstützung für ITIL–orientiertes Dienstmanagement — Ein modellbasierter Ansatz, Ludwig–Maximilians–Universität München, Dissertation, Juli, 2007.
    • Brenner, M., Sailer, M., Schaaf, T., Garschhammer, M., CMDB — Yet Another MIB? On Reusing Management Model Concepts in ITIL Configuration Management, In Large Scale Management of Distributed Systems (Proceedings of DSOM 2006 — 17th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management), 2006, 269–280, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 4269/2006, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Oktober, 2006.
    • Brenner, M., Garschhammer, M., Hegering, H.–G., When Infrastructure Management Just Won’t Do — The Trend Towards Organizational IT Service Management, In Kern E. M., Brügge B., Hegering H.–G. (Hrsg.): Managing Development and Application of Digital Technologies, 2006, 132–146, Springer, Juni, 2006.
    • Brenner, M., Classifying ITIL Processes — A Taxonomy under Tool Support Aspects, In Proceedings of First IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Business–Driven IT Management (BDIM 06), 2006, 19–28, IEEE, Vancouver, Canada, April, 2006.
    • Brenner, M., Garschhammer, M., Nickl, F., Requirements Engineering und IT Service Management — Ansatzpunkte einer integrierten Sichtweise, In GI–Edition–Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), 2006(P–82), 51–65, Modellierung 2006, Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), März, 2006.
    • Brenner, M., Vom LAN zum Kommunikationsnetz — Netze und Protokolle, enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM), Interest Verlag, Deutschland, Juni, 2004.
    • Brenner, M., Schiffers, M., Applying Web Services Technologies to the Management of Context Provisioning , In 10th International Workshop of the HP OpenView University Association (HPOVUA 2003), Geneva, Switzerland, Juli, 2003.
    • Brenner, M., Radisic, I., Schollmeyer, M., A Criteria Catalog based Methodology for Analyzing Service Management Processes, In Feridun, M., Kropf, P., Babin, G., editors, Proceedings of the 13th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations & Management (DSOM 2002), 145–156, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2506, Springer, IFIP/IEEE, Montreal, Canada, Oktober, 2002.