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Grid Computing is a powerful technology, widely used for more than a decade in the scientific community to store, mange and process data. The grid has come a long way, but to continue to its sucessful development it needs to shed some of its academic heritage. The agreements used to connect the hundreds of thousands of computers in Europe's academic grids are mostly quite loose or informal. This was sufficient in the past, as the grid was still in development, and in academia informal agreements are quite normal. Now that the grid is increasingly used for mission critical or commercial purposes, a new approach is needed.

Service Level Management (SLM) is a set of processes widely used in the commercial sector to agree, define and measure the provision of a service. It is used by everyone from telecoms operators to cleaning companies to ensure customers and providers can work together as efficiently as possible and have a common view of the services agreed upon. The gSLM project will bring together SLM experts from the IT Service Management community with grid experts, to find ways to bring up the decades of experience of SLM in the commercial sector to grid infrastructures.

The gSLM project is funded by the European Commission to improve service level management in the grid domain.

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In this project, the MNM-Team cooperates with the following partners:


  • Beginning: Sep 2010
  • Finished by: Sep 2012


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