Steiert, D. (2016):

Conception and implementation of a storage solution for handling documents with legal admissibility

People have long dreamt of the paperless office. Saving costs for the storage of many different document versions, finding and managing documents faster and exchanging everything digitally is the wish of every company. Yet, especially when it comes to storing documents that require the written form and whose evidential value must be preserved over long periods of time, little to no solutions can be found, aside from very broad and unpractical ones. In addition to this, there currently is no product on the market to create, edit, approve and manage procedure descriptions on a centrally accessible system, which does not require paper-copies to be stored.

With this thesis an attempt to fill the previously described void is made. The problem is described in detail and a possible solution is proposed for which basic knowledge and a legal base are researched. From this groundwork and scenarios encountered during daily work, requirements are derived that are later used to evaluate current solutions and possible components for the future solution. Considering the requirements, an extensive and secure concept was developed which has also been implemented on a prototype basis. After finishing the implementation, the system was evaluated regarding security aspects and the earlier defined requirements. All mandatory requirements were fulfilled, allowing for the data protection commissioner and the managers of services to create, edit, search, sort and manage procedure descriptions while ensuring the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of documents. Finally, possible future paths are described which could be taken to further continue with and improve the developed system.

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