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  AMS 		Applications Management Specification 
API 		 Application Programming Interface 
ARM 		 Application Response Measurment 
CASE 		 Computer Aided Software Engineering 
CO 		 Computational Object 
CORBA 		 Common Object Request Broker Architecture 
DNS 		 Domain Name Service 
DMTF 		 Desktop Management Task Force 
FTP 		 File Transfer Protocol 
GAMOC 		 Generic Application Managed Object Class 
GDMO 		 Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects (OSI) 
HTTP 		 HyperText Transfer Protocol 
IAB 		 Internet Activities Board 
IDL 		 Interface Definition Language 
IETF 		 Internet Engineering Task Force 
ISO 		 International Organization for Standardization 
LAN 		 Local Area Network 
MIB 		 Management Information Base 
MIF 		 Management Information Format 
MO 		 Managed Object 
MOC 		 Management Object Class 
NSM 		 Network Services Monitoring 
ODMA 		 Open Distributed Management Architecture 
ODP 		 Open Distributed Processing 
OMA 		 Object Management Architecture 
OMG 		 Object Management Group 
OMT 		 Object Modeling Technique 
OSF 		 Open Software Foundation 
QoS 		 Quality of Service 
QRL 		 Query and Reporting Language (StP) 
RM-ODP 		 Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing 
SMA 		 Systems Management Architecture 
SNMP 		 Simple Network Management Protocol 
StP 		 Software through Pictures 
SW 		 Software 
TCP 		 Transport Control Protocol 
TCP/IP 		 Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol 
UDP 		 User Datagram Protocol 
URI 		 Uniform Resource Indicator 
URL 		 Uniform Resource Locator 
WWW 		 World Wide Web 

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