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Lösch, R. (2019):

Design and Implementation of a Distributed Block Storage on RIOT

IoT and WSN networks gained further relevance in recent years. A common problem in such networks is sharing and storing of data independent of node failures. This thesis examines the requirements on a distributed storage network with a special focus on embedded devices with low computational power. A design for such a storage network on top of the Chord P2P overlay network is proposed and implemented accordingly. As a result of the design, a fully distributed block storage driver is built on top of the RIOT operating system with support for dynamic growth and shrinking of the network and for heterogeneous storage sizes contribution by the members of the network. The requirements are checked against defined acceptance criteria and performance evaluations are done to show the behavior of the implemented modules. The experiments show good results in terms of the implemented distributed hash table and provide an overview of the introduced communication overhead by the implemented features.