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New Approach for Automated Generation of Service Dependency Models

Christian Ensel[*]
Munich Network Management Team
University of Munich, Dept. of CS
Oettingenstr. 67; 80538 Munich; Germany
phone: +49-89-2178-2171, fax: -2262


Managing services by not only looking at their own current state but with support from the ``big picture'' of service- and inter-service dependencies becomes increasingly important in nowadays' IT-management. This paper presents a new methodology to automatically generate such dependencies models together with an agent based implementation architecture. It strives to enable more comprehensive IT-management by providing an always up-to-date information basis about inter-dependencies of services, applications and network components. The approach specially aims for heterogeneous environments as found in large enterprises and outsourcing scenarios.

automated dependency model creation, IT-management, agent based architecture


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