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Guggemos, T., Streit, K., Knüpfer, M., gentschen Felde, N., Hillmann, P. (2018):

No Cookies, just CAKE: CRT based Key Hierarchy for Efficient Key Management in Dynamic Groups

With rapid growth of mobile network linkage, the information exchange between portable and lightweight systems increases heavily. Exchanging confidential information within groups via unsecured communication channels is a high security threat. Consequently, the group participants need a common group key to enable encrypted broadcast messages. Efficient key management of secured group communication is a challenging task, if participants rely on low performance hardware and small bandwidth. Especially, dynamically changing group compositions generate large management expenditure. Considering these requirements, a Group-Key-Management concept including a communication protocol is proposed in this paper. It combines key formation and key distribution functionalists of existing concepts in order to reduce key computation and control message overhead. The lightweight G-IKEv2 protocol in combination with the key exchange concept of CAKE leads to an efficiently integrated solution.