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Activation of existing control flows:  

The situation is slightly different in case of activating existing control flows. Essentially, there are two ways to achieve this: Either, a system mechanism can be used to activate the control flow (e.g., in case of remote communications) or a job is placed in some kind of queue that is regularly checked by a component executing in a different control flow.

When using a system mechanism for communication, an automated correlation can be achieved as follows: The communication mechanism must be instrumented to inform a measurement agent about the newly added control flow. In case of remote communications, a unique identifier for the invocation must be created and transmitted to both the local and the remote measurement agent thus again allowing correlation. This should be done transparently to both the application developer and the component developer.

When using a queue for communication, a correlation can only be assured if the component implementing the queue has been instrumented by the component developer to analogously provide the required correlation information.

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