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Security Requirements for Management Systems using Mobile Agents

H. Reiser G. Vogt
Munich Network Management Team Munich Network Management Team
University of Munich, Germany Munich University of Technology, Germany

Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications: ISCC 2000, Antibes, France, 3-6 July 2000, p. 160-165


Flexible and distributed management systems based on mobile agents have certain advantages over centralized and static management architectures. However, security plays a decisive role in terms of acceptance and applicability of mobile agents. In this paper we analyze the threats and attacks against mobile agent systems used for management purposes. Therefore, general models of mobile agent based management systems are developed. Based on a risk analysis of these models we derive security requirements. In order to satisfy these requirements components and services are identified and integrated in a comprehensive security architecture.

Security, Mobile Agent Systems, Management by Delegation

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