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An MLIR Dialect for the Brainfuck Programming Language

MLIR is an extensible Intermediate Representation (IR) as the basis for compiler infrastructure. Different from other IR (for example the LLVM language), MLIR has dialects to support domain specific compilers and languages.

Brainfuck is a very simple, but Turing complete programming language.

In this work we want to explore the applicability and pecularities and especially the potential of MLIR for future works in other domains. The task is to develop a Brainfuck-specific MLIR dialect to gather experience.

This work can be offered as a Master or Bachelor thesis.

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Desirable is experience with any IR, assembly programming and/or compiler infrastructure.

Überblick der (möglichen) Aufgaben

  • Getting acquinted with MLIR and Brainfuck
  • Design of an MLIR dialect for Brainfuck
  • A frontend to emit the dialect
  • A backend to lower the dialect to LLVM IR
  • Optimization passes for the Brainfuck MLIR dialect