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"Ausgewählte Themen der Technischen Informatik"

Proseminar für Bachelor-Studiengänge
im Sommersemester 2023 (LMU, TUM IN0014)

Prof. Dr. D. Kranzlmüller
Dr. Karl Fürlinger, Pascal Jungblut

Welcome to the Seminar on "Ausgewählte Themen der Technischen Informatik" ("Selected Topics in Technical Computer Science") in the summer term of 2023.


  • The list of seminar topics can now be found here.
  • Here is the link for the course on Moodle: SemTechInf 23. The enrollement key will be announced in today's lecture.
  • The agenda for the block-seminar on Saturday July 15 is now available: here.


The seminar will imitate a scientific conference. That means:

  • Students will prepare a conference paper (technical report) on a chosen topic and submit it to the seminar organizer (the fictitious program committee).
  • When the first version has been submitted, each participant will be assigned one or two papers to review (according to a template), so that each paper will receive two reviews. This should increase the quality of the submissions and familiarize the participants with the process of scientific publishing.
  • After receiving the reviews, the authors have another 2 weeks to address the comments/suggestions. Both the quality of the submitted reviews and the implementation of the comments will be considered in the grading process.
  • Finally, students present their updated final paper at simulated conference at the end of the term. The conference will run over one or two days at the end of the term. The exact date and the agenda will be announced below.

Master students will be assigned a topic to work on alone, Bachelor students will work on a topic in pairs.

*Seminar spots are in great demand. Therefore, anyone who does not participate in the kick-off event (without giving notice) will lose their seminar spot, which will be re-assigned to another student.

Formal Criteria

The final grade of the seminar is determined by the quality of the scientific paper, presentation, and the contributed reviews. Participation in the final conference is mandatory throughout the whole event, which will take place in person.

The grade will also be impacted by conformance to the templates, conformance to the required page limit and compliance with the presentation rules.

The seminar will be held in English, including end of term presentations, but we explicity encourage also students with shaky English skills to apply - this is an opportunity to learn and we will not hold your language mistakes against you in grading.

Paper criteria:

The paper must meet the following criteria:

  • Use of the Latex Template IEEE (see Downloads)
  • Scope: 6 to 8 pages (strict min. and max., incl. references)
Non-conformance to one of the criteria will impact the final grade.

Presentation criteria:

The presentation must meet the following criteria:

  • less than 10 words per slide
  • max. 12 minutes of presentation (in total)
  • one special slide addressing the question: "How is your research valuable/relevant for LMU / LRZ / MWN?"

Also, please use the MNM-Team Slide Template.

Non-conformance to one of the criteria will impact the final grade.



Lectures and Events:

The Kick-off meeting for the seminar will take place in room 061 (Oettingenstr. 67) on Wed. 19.04.2023 from 12:15 - 13:45 pm.
  • Wed 19.04.2023 Kick-off meeting (in-person, student attendance required)
  • Wed 19.04.2023 Submission of topic preferences
  • Thu 20.04.2023 Topic assignment
  • Sun 7.05.2023 23:59, Submission of paper outline
  • Wed 17.05.2023 from 12:15 - 13:45 pm, Scientific writing and presentation techniques and LaTeX tutorial (attendance required)
  • Sun 18.06.2023 23:59, Submission of paper draft
  • Sun 02.07.2023 23:59, Submission of peer review(s)
  • Sun 02.07.2023 23:59, Submission of draft presentation slides
  • Sun 09.07.2023 23:59, Submission of final paper
  • Fri 14.07.2023 23:59, Submission of final presentation slides
  • Sat 15.07.2023 Block-Seminar: Agenda


Questions, feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Please use the seminar-specific e-mail address