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Architecture for an Automated Management Instrumentation of Component Based Applications

Rainer Hauck

Munich Network Management Team,
University of Munich, Dept. of CS, Oettingenstr. 67, D-80538 Munich, Germany


Due to the ongoing trend towards application service provisioning (ASP), the monitoring of user-oriented quality of service (QoS) parameters (e.g., transaction duration) is gaining more and more momentum. However, most techniques currently used for application management cannot provide this kind of user-oriented information. At present, only instrumentation techniques are suited to provide the required information. On the other hand instrumentation techniques cause considerable efforts due to the need to insert code into an application to be monitored. Therefore they are hardly used today. The architecture proposed in this paper greatly reduces the efforts of management instrumentation by utilizing the component based structure of future applications. Additionally, a means for automated correlation of transactions based on control flows is introduced. Thus, the proposed architecture lays the foundation for a widespread use of application instrumentation.


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